Bite for contractures


Dental bite: what it is and when to use it

The bite is an occlusal plate made of resin, designed to solve or reduce the problems that may occur in the chewing system in the presence of dental malocclusions, temporomandibular joint dysfunctions and teeth grinding.

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What is the dental splint: the definition

It is like a mask to be applied on the teeth to solve various problems related to the closure of the mandible and maxilla. The device consists of an acrylic resin surface that can be prescribed and prepared by the dentist, following a specific customization activity, or purchased directly by the user based on certain indications.

The bite must be placed between the teeth in order to correct the closure of the two arches, it can be used at night and / or during the day according to the indications of the gnathologist dentist. In any case, it remains a therapeutic tool to be applied on the advice of the dentist.

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Questions and answers

Why put the dental splint?

What is the dental splint used for? The main purpose of this tool (translation from English: bite) is to avoid damage and problems resulting from nocturnal grinding. This condition is often self-diagnosed but must always be evaluated thanks to the presence of a dentist who can suggest treatment based on symptoms.

Benefits of the dental splint

  • Preserves the enamel from excessive and involuntary rubbing
  • Defuse the force loaded from the jaw and jaw by relaxing the muscles of the neck, cervical and shoulders
  • Often this solution can be the key to relieving the back and trigeminal area.

The types of dental bite

There are several reasons that lead the dentist to suggest the bite and the spread of bruxism, often linked to situations of daily stress, pushes individuals to improvise. By purchasing dental bites without a clear indication. Actually one should first understand what difference is made between the different models.

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