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Crown E-Max

If you want an all ceramic crown designed to last longer, then E-Max is the solution you’ve been looking for! The E-Max crown is worn due to its very attractive appearance and will definitely complement the rest of your teeth! So, if you have damaged, stained or poor quality teeth, the E-Max is considered a great option!

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What is an e-max crown?

This all-ceramic crown has an eye-catching, translucent color, crafted with increased strength and durability. Made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic (a premium material), the E-Max crown is harvested for its qualities of durability, toughness and opacity. These features are what make this crown highly regarded.

The unique construction is indicated for single posterior or anterior crowns and is strong enough for anterior 3-unit bridges (including premolars). E-Max restorations can also be cemented with low-expansion resin-modified glass ionomer cements or can also be bonded with resin cements.

The E-Max crown is also considered a breakthrough in dental crown technology. What you get is a delicate looking, yet strong and durable glass ceramic crown. The E-Max crown is available in layered or monolithic restorations.


Mouth rehabilitation with E-max zirconia

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Questions and answers

Main features of the e-max crown?

  • The E-Max crown is durable with a flexural strength of 500 MPa
  • It can be micro-layered in cases where its function requires greater resistance than the monolithic, but its aesthetic needs require greater aesthetic results
  • It is ideal for cosmetic cases as even in monolithic application, the E-Max crown exhibits natural translucency, mimicking enamel
  • There is no allergic potential or tissue irritation
  • Its low thermal conductivity offers greater comfort for patients

What are the advantages of the e-max crown?

  • The E-Max crown is considered to be the best match with our natural teeth. Its realistic shape of transparent color ensures that it is not likely to be noticed between one’s natural teeth.
  • Since there is no metal alloy base provided with this crown, there will also be no unsightly gray line around the gum-line.
  • It is long lasting, strong and unlikely to crack or break compared to other types of crowns.
  • It is considered to have a lower risk of chipping than zirconia crowns.

What are the cons of e-max crowns?

One of the advantages of E-max is that they have been used for years, so we know their lifespan. E-max crowns have been shown to fracture in 10-15 years, but this is a question of how they are treated. Through trial and error, labs have learned how to prevent fracture, but as I said earlier, this could be a matter of pressure being exerted on the crown through grinding and a hard bite.

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