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5 signs to use zirconia dental crowns

Today’s patients require zirconia and porcelain crowns over metal-based crowns because both zirconia and porcelain restorations provide durability and realistic aesthetics. Since the introduction of milled zirconia restorations, patients have increasingly requested zirconium oxide as an alternative to metal-fused ceramic (PFM) restorations. Some dentists only use zirconia or all-ceramic restorations, particularly when restoring a single tooth.

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What is Zirconia?

Zirconia is a metal oxide derived from zirconium, a metal of the titanium family, and can be found all over the world. Common household items such as kitchenware, pipes, and electrical appliances are made from zirconia. Due to its natural strength and durability, zirconium oxide is an ideal material for dental crowns. Zirconia crowns are best for patients who need posterior crowns, which require a lot of force to chew and grind food.

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Why use zirconia?

Exceptional strength

Zirconia offers superior strength and durability for dental crowns. It is at least three times stronger than porcelain or PFM restorations. Unlike porcelain, zirconia can withstand wear and tear without chipping, which is why zirconia restorations tolerate extreme chewing and bruxism. Thanks to the latest monolithic zirconia (single and solid blocks of zirconia), this type of crown is nearly unbreakable and built to withstand the hostile environment, the back of the mouth resists better than all-porcelain crowns.

Natural looking smile

Zirconia contains no metallic coating on the gums. Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) crowns actually possess a layer of metal underneath the porcelain layer at the top of the crown. This metallic coating is usually visible on the gumline and can be seen when patients smile. This can be embarrassing for patients who want a natural looking smile. The zirconia crowns completely avoid the metallic coating and allow patients to smile with confidence. Additionally, zirconia crowns can be manipulated to fit any size or shape to fit the rest of a patient’s teeth.

Reliability and durability

Zirconia is even more durable than the conventionally used PFM ceramic. For example, solid zirconium oxide contains more stabilizers than PFM ceramic, making it more durable to withstand harsh chewing and grinding. When properly maintained, zirconia restorations can last for the life of the patient.


Due to a wide variety of factors, including chemical composition and processing requirements, there are many ways that zirconium oxide can be produced to meet the patient’s needs. This customization minimizes the margin of error and ensures a great fit for each individual.

Safer for patients

The high biocompatibility of zirconium oxide does not cause allergies in patients who have allergic reactions to PFM restorations. Quite a few dental patients are allergic to the alloys used to manufacture PFM crowns. If a patient faces these allergies, this is a sign that zirconia should be used when making restorations. In fact, zirconium oxide has excellent biocompatibility, making crowns and bridges prepared from zirconium oxide extremely safe for clinical use inside the mouth.

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