Elastic prostheses


What are flexible prostheses?

The flexible prosthesis is a removable gingival-supported prosthesis that does not traumatise residual teeth like traditional ones made with metal hooks. The hooks are invisible, they are made with a chameleon-like, semi-transparent material that reveals the color of the gums. They don’t have the palate!

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In which cases can the flexible prosthesis be used?

  • As a definitive partial mobile prosthesis as an alternative to the skeletonise one with unsightly metal hooks;
  • As removable prostheses when the traditional resin ones break often or are very heavy and bulky;
  • In patients with metal allergies. The nylon prostheses are metal free (metal free);
  • As a temporary prosthesis pending the fixed one on natural teeth or on implants pending the osseointegration period.


Total rehabilitation of the mouth in metal-ceramic with anchorage, transparent elastic prostheses and maximum comfort

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Questions and answers

What materials are flexible prostheses made of?

  • Instead of the classic acrylic resin, which is particularly rigid, the base of the nylon prosthesis is manufactured using biocompatible thermoplastic material similar, if not identical, to the color of the gum.
  • This material makes the prosthesis hypoallergenic, flexible and unbreakable.
  • The teeth that go on the prosthesis can be composite or resin.

Natural teeth are not touched!

The flexible prosthesis is hooked onto natural teeth without them being filed and encapsulated. Therefore, there are no dental capsules and attachments. The teeth are left as they are.

Features and Benefits

  • The flexible removable nylon dentures without palate have been specially designed to overcome problems such as bulk in the oral cavity, fragility and unsatisfactory aesthetics (note: the flexible prosthesis cannot be made when all the teeth are missing).

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