Extraction of milk teeth


Tooth extractions in children

There is nothing like the excitement of seeing your child lose their first tooth; and helps to get most of the baby teeth out on their own. But sometimes, baby teeth need a little help moving things around. When teeth are badly decayed or damaged, or when baby teeth begin to crowd into adult teeth, baby tooth extraction may need to be considered.

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Why do children need tooth extractions?

Your dentist may recommend an extraction for your child for a number of reasons:

The tooth is badly decayed
The tooth is damaged by injury or trauma
Baby teeth stay in place for too long and crowd adult teeth. Tooth extraction can help adult teeth come in and eliminate the need for orthodontic treatment down the road
Extraction is needed to aid orthodontic treatment – removing one tooth can reduce crowding and allow the orthodontist to straighten nearby teeth.

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Questions and answers

What does tooth extraction involve in children?

Tooth extraction can cause some anxiety for both parents and children, but in most cases the procedure is simple and less complicated than tooth extraction in adults.

Your dentist will start with an X-ray to check the tooth roots and bone condition. A simple extraction typically requires only a local anesthetic. The dentist then removes the tooth with forceps, moving the tooth into the socket and rotating it to separate the periodontal ligaments that secure the tooth to the jawbone.

More difficult extractions may require the removal of some of the gum tissue near the tooth so that the tooth can be extracted. This type of procedure usually requires sedation via nitrous oxide or IV. Sedation dentistry is an increasingly common and safe option for children undergoing more complex dental procedures.

Save space for adult teeth

Milk teeth are somewhat of a placeholder for adult teeth and help guide permanent teeth as they come in. If a baby tooth is removed due to damage or decay before the permanent teeth arrive, the dentist can recommend a prosthesis to be made sure that the new tooth arrives correctly. But if the permanent tooth is not far from entering, a prosthetic tooth will not be needed.

Tooth extractions and your pediatric dentist

Pediatric tooth extractions are common and generally simple. But having a pediatric dentist in charge of the procedure gives many parents peace of mind. Pediatric dentists receive additional oral development training. They are heavily focused on treating baby teeth, predicting when permanent teeth will arrive, and using anesthesia to aid in an extraction. Dental Experts Albania is a competent partner in keeping your child’s mouth healthy and helping adult teeth get to the right place.

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We will review your exam, talk about how you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth, and discuss a treatment plan.

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