Full porcelain veneers


What are full porcelain veneers for teeth?

Emax is the brand name for porcelain veneers. Only porcelain material is used and using a three-dimensional scanner (cad-cam) the design is performed completely on the computer. Porcelain is not powdered. It has ready-to-use molds. Because it is formed from pressurized ceramic particles, it is much stronger than normal porcelain and more aesthetic. It has no metal substructure and is therefore thinner and more transparent. This makes the application more aesthetic.

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How many sessions are required for Empress E-max porcelain veneers?

The treatment is completed on average in 2-3 sessions within 1 week. Teeth are measured first and then a patient-specific smile design is made. The design of the smile, called a mock-up, is shown in advance to the patient, so that he can get an idea of what it will look like. In this way, the patient’s expectations and ideas are considered and the smile design treatment is initiated. The teeth are abraded about 2 mm under local anesthesia and the measurements are taken and sent to the laboratory. During the same session the patient receives the temporary teeth. The patient can thus resume his social and working life. The laboratory’s E-max porcelain teeth are applied to the patient in 2 or 3 sessions and the treatment is completed within 1 week.

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Questions and answers
Veneers for Teeth

When are E-max porcelain dental veneers recommended?

E-max dental veneers, also called ceramic veneers or full porcelain veneers, are generally used in patients with high aesthetic expectations and in veneers of anterior teeth. Since the light transmission of the veneer is perfect, the most natural look can be obtained with E-max porcelain veneers.

What are the advantages of E-max porcelain dental veneers compared to other veneers?

Thanks to the content it has a more transparent and perfect appearance. It guarantees a more aesthetic appearance. The production and laboratory process are short. Its reflection of light and flash is almost the same as that of natural teeth. For these characteristics they are highly recommended for anterior teeth. Dental veneers are also compatible with the gums. They retain their color and shape properties for many years.

In which cases can E-max porcelain teeth be applied?

E-max porcelain teeth can be applied to almost anyone who intends to veneer their anterior teeth. The color changes of the dental characters that cannot be corrected with teeth whitening, shape, shape and position disorders and tooth abrasions can be treated with an application of E-max porcelain.

Does the empress porcelain change color? How long does the life of an E-max porcelain tooth last?

Since porcelain veneers are part of the final polishing processes called enamel, they do not change color. Since the surfaces are completely smooth and since the harmony of colors is perfect, they do not change shape or color. You can use them for many years with good oral hygiene.

What’s better, E-max porcelain dental veneers? Or zirconia dental veneers?

Both are specially strengthened porcelain veneers without a metal substructure. They provide excellent aesthetic and gingival harmony. Due to their light transmission, they resemble natural teeth and are often applied in patients who have high aesthetic expectations for their front teeth. We have often recommended E-max porcelain veneers for the anterior regions and zirconium veneers for the posterior regions due to the high strength and esthetics.

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