Invisalign: how does it work?

Invisalign is a highly aesthetic technique that uses semi-transparent aligners to straighten crooked teeth. These aligners apply a force to the teeth which gradually changes their position at a speed of 0.1mm at a time.

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Invisalign are made from flexible plastic which is a patented thermoplastic, called Smartrack created exclusively for Invisalign. They are FDA approved and contain no BPA, BPS, latex or gluten. They are thin and clear and fit your teeth and are not seen.

Here are 5 reasons why transparent aligners are often better than fixed braces:

  1. invisible: it is almost impossible for anyone to notice that you are wearing them;
  2. removable: the fact that they can be removed to brush your teeth allows for easier and more precise oral hygiene;
  3. less annoying: they do not irritate the oral mucosa, because they do not include elements such as brackets and metal wires;
  4. preview result: before starting the treatment, you can see pictures of what your new smile will look like;
  5. no urgency: the classic device can have detachments, while Invisalign does not.

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Questions and answers

Invisalign: what does it correct?

The clear aligners are effective in solving most of the problems related to malocclusions, namely:

  • Diastemas: presence of a space between the teeth;
  • Deep bite: when the teeth of the upper arch overlap too much with the lower ones;
  • Open bite: when the front teeth do not touch;
  • Dental crowding (crooked teeth): when the arch does not have space available to accommodate all the teeth adequately.

Invisalign: when the first results?

The great thing about transparent aligners is that you can see the progress that the appearance of your teeth is making week by week.

However, in general a treatment achieves the expected results after 12-24 months, depending on the complexity of the case.

It hurts?

Some patients report experiencing discomfort for the first 2-3 days after each mask change. But it is nothing unbearable and in any case it disappears after a few days.

Can you see Invisalign?

Once applied, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible. Only a careful observer might notice that your teeth are a little shinier than normal, but to do so they should get very close to your face.

Your first visit

Many people who visit Dental Experts Albania have questions about cosmetic problems, including stained and discolored teeth. On your first visit, you will receive a full series of X-rays, a thorough exam, cleaning, and time to speak to your dentist (expect to spend approximately 90 minutes in our office).

We will review your exam, talk about how you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth, and discuss a treatment plan.

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We believe that the best cure is prevention, prevention is undoubtedly better than cure. When prevention is no longer possible, we try to catch it in the bud.


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