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Dental implant reconstruction

Dental implant reconstruction is rapidly turning into the desired dental restoration procedure for patients with missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants offer many remarkable health benefits and help restore primary teeth functions such as chewing and biting. Dental implant reconstruction also greatly improves the appearance of an altered smile.

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What are dental implants?

Dental implant reconstruction is the surgical procedure of inserting implants into the jaw bone, which will allow for the installation of a bridge or other dental restorations, allowing the patient to have the complete and healthy dentition that has been lost due to injury , tooth decay or other dental disease.

Dental implants are tiny titanium screws that are placed in the jawbone to support an abutment that contains a prosthetic crown. Dental implants are an effective and long-lasting restoration for a lost tooth. The bone grows around the implant, making it solid enough to replace what used to be the root of the tooth. Because the implants are constructed of titanium, they integrate well with bone, prevent bone loss, and are resistant to tooth decay.

Dental implants have been in use for over 20 years, and recent innovations have made the procedure much more comfortable than before. Dental implant reconstruction is now minimally invasive and can be completed in multiple dental visits.

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Questions and answers

What should you know?

Dental implant reconstruction has different processes and you should be familiar with the different types.

Single-stage dental implants vs. two-stage dental implants

A one-stage dental implant procedure involves inserting the implant into the jawbone and closing the gingiva while exposing a portion of the implant. Thereafter, it will take a few months for the implant to integrate with the jawbone, after which the crown, bridge or other type of abutment can be placed without requiring another surgery.
A two-stage dental implant is similar to single-stage surgery, but in this case the implant will be immersed in the jaw bone and a second surgery will be required to expose the implant to position the abutment correctly.
Endosseous implants vs. subperiosteal

An endosseous implant involves inserting the implant into the maxillary bone rather than the maxillary bone. They are usually firmer than subperiosteal implants. They are typically used in two-stage implants because they always have to descend into the gums and jaw.
A subperiosteal implant involves placing the implant on the jawbone rather than inside. This is often recommended for patients without sufficient bone depth and is related to one-stage dental implant reconstruction.

Mini dental implant reconstruction

This is the second choice when endosseous or subperiosteal implants are not possible. Reconstruction of a mini dental implant is the least invasive procedure and can still help replace a lost tooth.

Consult your dentist about dental implant reconstruction for expert advice on choosing the best form of treatment.

Your first visit

Many people who visit Dental Experts Albania have questions about cosmetic problems, including stained and discolored teeth. On your first visit, you will receive a full series of X-rays, a thorough exam, cleaning, and time to speak to your dentist (expect to spend approximately 90 minutes in our office).

We will review your exam, talk about how you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth, and discuss a treatment plan.

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