Skeletal Prosthesis


Mobile skeletonise prosthesis

The skeletonise prosthesis, also called skeletonise, is the ideal solution to replace missing teeth in an effective, economical and fast way.
The dental skeleton belongs to the type of removable partial dentures.
Basically it is the metal armature of the device itself that gives it its name, as it is a support structure, characterized by strong elasticity in adapting to the patient’s teeth.
It is a non-surgical alternative solution to implantology, indicated for the rehabilitation of partial edentulism, or in cases where there are still healthy teeth, which can act as a support.

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What is the skeletonise?

It consists of a removable medical device, aimed at replacing missing teeth both functionally and aesthetically.

The framework is composed of three elements: the central body, the artificial teeth and the flange.

The material of the central body is usually an alloy of chromium, cobalt and molybdenum; the supporting pillar is also equipped with hooks or attachments, to be anchored to the natural teeth, which will act as a support.

The metal bar guarantees the stability of the skeletonized prosthesis.

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Questions and answers

Composition of the skeleton

The dental skeleton is composed of several elements including:

  • Resin or ceramic teeth or the replacement teeth to be made as much as possible of the color of the natural ones in order to mask the replacement of the teeth
  • False gum or flange which has the purpose of hiding the metal hooks and improving the aesthetics of the mouth
  • Invisible metal hooks which take care of keeping the skeleton firmly anchored

Advantages and disadvantages of the partial denture

Surely the very affordable price makes the dental framework one of the best for restoring lost teeth.

A positive element of the dental skeleton lies in the speed of realization: the impressions of the osteomucosal structure are sufficient to model the prosthesis.

It is an ideal alternative in those cases where the insertion of implants is not feasible.

An element against it is its hygienic maintenance, like all removable prostheses.

There is also the risk of visibility of the hooks, especially if anchored to the anterior teeth.

However, the skeleton with aesthetic hooks is made of resins that beautifully simulate the gingival mucosa; this can be a good remedy.

How much does the dental cast cost?

The prices of the removable partial denture are generally affordable.

It is always a more advantageous alternative, at an economic level, compared to a fixed solution; its cost is influenced by the number of dental elements to be replaced, the quantity and type of hooks to be made.

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