Temporary Prosthesis


Temporary dental prosthesis

The temporary dental prosthesis is the prosthetic device used by the patient over a period of time that goes from the starting situation, whatever it is, to the delivery of the final prosthesis.
Si può avere una protesi provvisoria per un solo dente (capsula provvisoria), per più denti (ponte provvisorio) o per tutta l’arcata (protesi provvisorie fisse o mobili). Detta anche “il provvisorio” può essere una protesi mobile totale (dentiera) data in uso al paziente che deve attendere il periodo di osteointegrazione degli impianti dentali.

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When and why is it used?

The temporary dental prosthesis must not be thought of as something of little importance that only serves to buffer a situation that is being defined.

On the contrary, this type of prosthesis provides the dentist and the dental technician with all the necessary parameters to be transferred and recreated on the final one in order to achieve the best possible final result both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

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Questions and answers

Mobile partial temporary prosthesis

Constructed with acrylic resin that acts as a gum on which the teeth (or only the tooth) to be replaced are anchored, the partial mobile temporary prosthesis is realized in the skeleton or in the flexible nylon prosthesis.

The latter does not need metal hooks to anchor to the teeth that act as a pillar and, therefore, is the most aesthetic solution but also with higher costs.

Fixed partial temporary dental prosthesis

When the patient goes to the dentist to replace a few missing dental elements, from one to 4 or 5, with a fixed solution, the choice falls on the Maryland Bridge or a partial bridge on dental implants.

The first option involves the use of a dental capsule with wings that are glued to the adjacent teeth that will have the function of support, while in the second, the support will be guaranteed by osseointegrated implants.

For the sake of completeness, we must add that the Maryland Bridge solution can be considered a temporary dental prosthesis even when it is used pending osseointegration or when the dentist prefers to use deferred loading implantology rather than proceeding with immediate loading.

Complete mobile temporary prosthesis (denture)

This is the classic mobile denture or mobile total prosthesis.

Many dentists prefer to equip the patient with a temporary denture to check the construction parameters, make the necessary changes based on the feedback from the new wearer and transfer what has been done to the final denture.

In short, it is a provisional phase that serves both the technician and the patient to get used to the new situation.

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